Interview with Clint Lowery of Sevendust

Sevendust, touring in support of their latest album, Cold Day Memory rocked 105.7 The Point’s Pointfest in St. Louis. Cold Day Memory was released April 2010 on Sevendust’s own label 7 Bros. Records, via Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group. Their eighth studio album, Cold Day Memory marked the return of the band’s original lineup. Lajon Witherspoon (vocals), Morgan Rose (drums/vocals), Vince Hornsby (bass/vocals), Clint Lowery (guitar/vocals) and John Connolly (guitar/vocals) reunited for the first new album with the original lineup since Lowery’s return after departing in 2003.

How did you enjoy the Welcome to the Family Tour?

I’m a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold’s great live show and Three Days Grace. It’s really good playing to new fans that wouldn’t have ordinarily been hip to our band. 

What’s next for Sevendust?

After this, we’re taking some time off in May, doing a couple of radio festivals, then we’re going to Europe in June, then back in July and then hopefully do Uproar tour which Avenged will be on as well.

It’s been a year since Cold Day Memory was released. Any reflections?

I’m proud of the record. We did a good job. It was my first record back in a while. It was a fun experience, got to work with some amazing people outside of the band. It’s been a year; we’ve had a really great response from the fans. We’re just ready to start thinking about another one. 

What was the experience like for you, being back?

It was good. I had been gone a while, so I was really excited about getting back in there and the guys kind of let me have the opportunity to expose myself. It was really exciting again, it had the same spirit as the first record because I really appreciated what I have with the band and to be back in the studio with them was a unique opportunity to do things the way I always wanted to do them. Being away from the band, then being back, you get to reassess the dynamic of the band. It was very cool. 

So you’re writing new music…

We’re just talking about writing music. I’ve written a few things; a couple of skeleton ideas. Nothing concrete, but it’s definitely been a process trying to talk about what we’re going to do. That’s how a lot of our albums start out, with us discussing what we’re going to do, and what avenues we want to go down. That’s always the fun part for me. 

Tell me about your side project, Hello Demons Meet Skeletons.

I have an acoustic- based project that I do. I sing and play guitar. It’s called Hello Demons Meet Skeletons, is a name I came up with that talks about bringing to the surface all these personal issues you have in your life, the demons and skeletons you have, introducing those to each other, exposing it all. It’s a really fun project for me. It’s a low-maintenance band. I do it all myself. It’s very indie-indie.
That’s great that you have an additional outlet to express yourself personally and creatively.
Yeah, I don’t have to OK it with anybody. I don’t have to get into the democracy of a band.  I do it on my own time and at my own pace and it’s really cool to have. 

What do you like to do on your down time?

I go to the gym a lot. I live a pretty healthy life. I used to drink a lot and do all that and now I’m sober and I don’t do any of those things. I occupy my time doing productive stuff. I’ve got a newborn little boy at home, so now he’s taking up my time. That’s what I do with all my time, which is awesome.

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