45 Degree Woman at Nosturi

45 Degree Woman played their last live show of 2009 on September 11, at Nosturi, in Helsinki. 45DW, is Mikko Viman on vocals, Kari Reini on drums, Iiro Tuomola on guitars, Hannu Laanterä on guitars, Toni Laroma on bass, and Martti Lindholm keyboards. These six guys with the peculiar band name from Finland, have managed to impact music and gain fans from all over the world with their unique mix of rock and metal. By performing at the Helldone Festival in 2006, and again in 2008 opening up for HIM on 4 nights, they obtained worldwide exposure without ever leaving their home country. Fans who had traveled from all over the world to see HIM perform returned to their home countries as 45 Degree Woman fans.

45DW’s first album, How To Handle The Pain, was released in 2006 and produced two of their most popular songs, “Never Needed” and “The Wait”. It was an incredibly personal album which dealt with the pain of loosing a dear friend. In 2009, they released their second album “Revival”. This is a more positive album than it’s predecessor, dealing with topics love, hope and faith. Songs like “Alone”, “Bugs”, and “Highway” are just some of the reasons why this album is not to be missed.

Although line up may have change slightly over the years, 45DW continues to produce incredible music and gain new fans along the way. This year’s additions of Toni Laroma on bass and Martti Lindholm on keyboards have made this incredible band even better. Laroma also plays in the metal band, Northern Discipline. Check out their album “Burn-Beaten Soil”. Lindholm is also currently playing with Helsinki based bands The Dash and The Hollow.

The September 11, 2009 show was at the Helsinki club, Nosturi. This club is a home away from home for the band, as their rehearsal space and recording studio is also located located here. It also happens to be the location of Backline Rentals, the company owned by 45DW’s drummer, Kari Reini. The show opened with the song “Highway” from their current album “Revival”. Other songs performed from the CD included “Bugs” and “Alone”. Also preformed were fan favorites “Never Needed”, “The Wait”, and “One” from “How to Handle the Pain”. As always, the band looked and sounded amazing. This band consistently sounds amazing, has great energy and an incredible stage performance. And as always, singer Mikko Viman did not disappoint with his powerful vocals. He is truly one of the most amazing front men in rock and roll.

The last song of the evening was the debut of “God” from their latest CD “Revival”, a song they had never performed live. Two guest vocalists joined the band for this song, adding an “angelic” quality to this beautiful song which was even more amazing live thanks to Martti’s performance on keyboards. As the song ended, snow fell on the audience. Once the show was over, audience cheered, the band embraced, and there was a sense of sadness that this was the was the last show of the year.

The 45DW guys have been working on new material for some time, so hopefully we can all look forward to more live shows in 2010. In the meantime, check out their two albums, “How To Handle the Pain” and “Revival”. You won’t be disappointed.

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